As you're reading this, I will be having the time of my life in Florida! (sorry to rub it in) I've seen this tag a few times throughout the beauty blogging community and I really wanted to answer the questions myself so I thought it would be a good time to do it as I've not had as much time this week to write posts as I've been super busy getting ready for the holiday.

1) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

Seeing as though eyeshadow is my absolute favourite makeup item I would never ever ever want to lose them! I could definitely live without eyeliner as I don't tend to be that adventurous with it anyway and I hardly wear lipgloss. I would struggle with no mascara as I think I look strange without it but I would rather have my eyeshadows and palettes, definitely!

2) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

I have extremely long hair and I hate having it cut shorter so I would have absolutely no problem with never cutting it again. I don't use heat very often on my hair either so it doesn't damage easily.

3) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?

Pink all the way. I am extremely pale and I find that pink blushers look a lot more natural and pretty on my skin tone. I do love a coral cheek occasionally but I would definitely prefer pink!

4) If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?

Easiest question ever! Makeup every single time.

5) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?

Hm if I could use a pinky coloured eyeliner then I'd definitely prefer to use that as a lipstick as it would be so much easier to apply than using lipstick as eyeliner. 

6) Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

Although I've never been to a Sephora (yet!) I would definitely rather shop there as there are so many different brands to choose from. I only really buy lipsticks from mac and I admit I would miss not having them but I'm sure I could find some good alternatives in Sephora.

7) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow colour or one lip colour for the rest of your life?

Definitely one lip colour. I'm not very adventurous with shades of lipstick whereas I love experimenting with different colours of eyeshadow. I would definitely get bored of wearing the same colour eyeshadow every day!

8) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?

Now this is a hard one! I hate being too hot so I think it would be awful to wear winter clothes in the summer time but I also hate being cold! Providing that I live in England and our summers are never really THAT hot I would probably choose to wear winter clothes in summer.

9) Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?

I love having bright nails so that's a no brainer for me! 

10) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favourite eye product?

I think this question is quite vague so I'm going to answer it in terms of skincare products rather than makeup. My favourite lip product is the Clinique lip treatment and my favourite eye product is the Clinique all about eyes eye cream. If I had to give up one it would have to be the eye cream. I have incredibly dry lips and it would drive me crazy if I couldn't use the treatment to keep them looking half decent.

11) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?

Neither! I know I can't have that as an answer but this is hard because I never have my hair up, I find that it looks odd because my face is so round. If I had to choose it would have to be a ponytail as my hair is so long and heavy that it simply wouldn't stay in a bun.

12) Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?

Never use lipgloss. I don't use it that often anyway and I hate the look of my nails without anything on them.

13) Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?

I think I'd have to say none at all as I can imagine I would look awful with big black sharpie eyebrows! That is a really hard question though because you'd look daft either way..

14) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

As much as I love nail polish, I wouldn't be able to live without makeup. I know that sounds dramatic but makeup is my passion and I wouldn't be 'me' without it.

Hope you enjoyed this different sort of post! I would love for you all to try out this tag so I can read your answers!

Beth x


  1. What a great little quiz! I hope you don't mind if I steal this from you?! xx

  2. Of course not! can't wait to read your answers :)

    Beth x