Can you believe that January is over already?! 2015 is already going far too quick for my liking. It's time to share my favourites from the month of January and unfortunately I don't actually have that many to share with you this time as there hasn't been as many opportunities for me to try out new things as I have been so busy with work. However, there are are a few that I am really excited to talk to you about so let's get into it..

My favourite perfume of this month has been Katy Perry's Killer Queen Royal Revolution. I absolutely love the original Killer Queen perfume and I've been wanting to try the new one since it was released. I got this in a gift set for christmas along with the body lotion and shower gel and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It smells amazing!

I got this little sample of the Clinique 'All About Eyes' eye cream a few months ago in a free gift set I received when I purchased some other Clinique products but had never really used it before this month. It's such a lovely cream that helps reduce my puffy eyes in the morning and also helps to hydrate my under eye area as it is extremely dry at the minute. I will definitely be going to purchase the full size when I run out. I have also been loving the Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream. After putting this on I literally want to eat my hands it smells that nice! I got the 30ml size as I thought it would be perfect to throw in my handbag to use on the go.

I am so late to the Tangle Teezer hype as every time I looked at them I was put off by how expensive they were. However I am so glad I finally went out and got one as it is a life saver for long hair that easily knots up like mine. My favourite makeup brush at the minute is the Elf Blending Brush. This is amazing for blending eyeshadow in the crease as it is so soft and fluffy. The best thing about this brush is how inexpensive it is at only £3.95!

I had heard so many people rave about the Magnitone Lucid cleansing brush that I just had to try one for myself.  I decided to purchase the limited edition pixie lott version which is this stunning fuchsia pink colour. I also managed to get this brush on sale from Look Fantastic for £50 rather than £70. Although I have only been using this for just over a week it has made a huge difference in my skin - it's a lot clearer and softer! I love that this brush has a setting for sensitive skin and that it is so compact I can easily travel with it. Definitely recommend this brush to anyone!

My food favourite of this month has been the Jordan's Cereal Lighter Granola. I have been obsessed with their granola for ages now and I was kindly sent the Lighter Granola to try and my goodness, it is absolutely gorgeous. The strawberries and blueberries give it a lovely sweet taste and the fact that it is 30% less fat makes it a winner for me!

My brother recently introduced me to You+Me, a folk music duo consisting of Dallas Green and Alecia Moore (Pink) and their debut album Rose Ave. If you love country music, you will adore this album - it's incredible! I have been listening to it non stop this month, my favourite song is 'From a Closet in Norway'. I highly suggest you check them out!

So that's all my favourites from January 2015. What have your favourites been?

Beth x


  1. These look great, the bodyshop is just so good!
    beautiful post!

  2. Ohh I'm always looking for new music so I'm definitely going to check You+me out :) I've wondered about picking up a magnitone lucid, but have trouble justifying the expense really, but I'm glad that it's working for you!

    little miss fii || Fii x