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Bonjour! So here I am with my first review on this blog and I have been dying to talk about these products since I got them. The Body Shop claims that the vitamin e range "hydrates and protects all skin types" and as I am someone who has very dry skin in the winter, I was curious to see if these products really worked for me as I am always looking for products that will hydrate my skin. There is a whole range of vitamin e products to chose from, however, I just picked a few that I felt would be most beneficial to my skincare routine.

Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15

This product has got to be one of my favourites from this range. I suffer with dry lips quite often and I am constantly on the look out for a decent lip product to help me with this. I feel that this product works best when you leave it to soak in, so I use this before I go to sleep which lets it all soak in overnight, leaving me with extremely soft lips when I wake up. I don't think this lip balm would be as effective if it was to be used as a base before lipstick as I think the texture is too heavy on the lips and it can also feel a little bit sticky at first. The good thing about this lip balm is that if you were out and about in harsh weather conditions, for example strong winds or direct sunlight, the SPF in the balm will protect your lips from the drying effects that the weather can have. I love this product and I will definitely be purchasing this again. This lip balm costs £4.00 from The Body Shop.

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream
 Now onto the night cream. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this product. The Body Shop claims that this product replenishes moisture levels while you sleep, which I completely agree with. However, since I started using this product my skin has been breaking out which is so annoying because this cream really does leave my skin feeling hydrated and soft when I wake up in the morning. The cream is very thick and it definitely soaks into your skin overnight. I also love the smell of this product, it reminds me of baby lotion (Is it weird that I love that smell?) I am going to carry on using this product for a little longer to see if my skin will get used to it and hopefully stop me from breaking out. I think that this product would work well for any skin type but I think it would be most beneficial for those with dry skin like mine in order to give you that extra moisture. You can purchase this product (50ml) for £11.00.

Vitamin E Soak-in Moisture Mask 

This mask is described as an "intense moisture replenishment" and let me just say, I am in LOVE with this face mask. I originally got one of these masks in a gift set that came free when you spent so much on skincare products in store. I wasn't convinced that this product would really work for me so I wasn't too excited about trying it. I was so wrong. Although I didn't think anything had changed in my skin straight after using it, when I woke up the next morning my skin felt SO soft and I didn't have any of the dry patches that I usually have. I loved this mask so much that I went out and bought another and I can't wait to use it again. I may have to stock up on these next time I'm in The Body Shop and with a price tag of £1.50, this is a bargain for what it does!

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

The vitamin e cream cleanser is probably the only product out of this range that I am not crazy about. I got this sample size bottle as a free gift along with the moisture mask. Although the cleanser does at is says in lifting away dirt and makeup, I don't think that it does anything different to any other cleanser although it claims to leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. Unfortunately it doesn't have this effect on my skin but that's not to say it won't work for any other skin types. Another down side for me is that I don't think this will last a long time as the cream is quite thick and you have to use quite a bit in order to cleanse properly. I'm not saying this product is not worth trying, I'm just not crazy about it personally. This cleanser can be bought for £8.00 for the 200ml bottle.

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

I love this toner! It cleans any traces of leftover cleanser or makeup still left on my face and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry at all. Infact it does the opposite and makes it feel quite soft after using it. The toner has a sort of thin gel consistency which I really like, I feel like a little goes a long way which hopefully means this product will last me quite a long time. You can pick up this product for £8.00 (200ml bottle).
Vitamin E Cream Exfoliator

Having dry skin, I try to exfoliate at least twice a week. I used to exfoliate everyday, thinking it would help me get rid of my dry skin, then I read an article which said that exfoliating more than a couple of times a week can be more damaging to the skin rather than helping it. This exfoliator is great. Its cream based which feels lovely on the skin and the exfoliating beads in it are nice and small which doesn't irritate my skin after using it. It leaves my face feeling extremely soft and smooth and I will definitely be re-purchasing this product when I run out. Although £9.00 a tube could be seen as quite expensive for an exfoliator, I think that it is well worth the price and I recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry skin like myself.

In conclusion, I think that The Body Shop Vitamin E range has a lot of potential and for the most part, lives up to its reputation. I will definitely be buying more of this range to look at in the future such as the body lotion, face mist and facial cleansing bar.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what other products you would like to see a review on. Thanks for reading!

Beth ღ

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